Friday, December 14, 2007


"You American?"
"Red-blooded. "
" What's the capital of Texas?"
" Wrong, commie! It's Houston!"

If you've never seen the movie Red Dawn, then you are missing out! It's an '80's cold war flick which muses with the idea of the Communist forces of the time period invading the United States, and the youth of a Colorado high school fighting against the invaders with successful guerrilla style tactics.

I recently watched this movie again, and it reminded me about some of my buddies from USU ROTC - Namely Clint, Josh, Stan and Brandon, since they are the ones who bought into the idea of my "Red Dawn" fantasies and what we would do if our country was ever invaded.

Clint, being more spiritually/religiously minded than the rest of us, often pondered the possibility of the Wasatch area reverting into a theocracy, should the Russians actually invade the area.

Stan once confessed to me that in class he daydreamed of fending off terrorists who would try to take over the lecture hall he was sitting in - and then leading a group of guerrilla freedom fighters to defeat the Soviet invaders.

Brandon and Josh really just humored me, knowing all the while that Josh had the brains and Brandon was ruthless enough that the two of them would have been able to rule with an iron fist!

Stan is now with his infantry unit in the Middle East, Josh and Brandon are at Ft. Rucker learning to fly helicopters, and I haven't heard from Clint since he got back from learning to command tank platoons at Ft. Knox.

I am grateful that my friends serving in the military are helping to insure that a "Red Dawn" won't occur on American Soil any time soon - even though it would be cool to have commie machine guns and to be able to spray paint "Wolverines!" on the side of burned out combloc armored vehicles...


The Haights said...

I love and own this movie!

georganne said...

as everyone should.

georganne said...

I wonder how Stan was planning on defending that lecture hall. Perhaps he would throw his shoes at them. Did he ever tell you his plan?

Scar Belly said...

Stan is an amazing person (as you know) - I never asked him what his plan was, maybe you should email him and find out if that information can be declassified.

georganne said...

Which means that he was ready to get out of class by any means necessary.