Saturday, December 15, 2007

Who stopped/killed the Colorado church murderer?

A few days ago, I wrote this post about the woman who prevented Mathew Murray from killing more people at the New Life Church in Colorado. A few people have expressed that they think this post might be inaccurate, because they have heard on the news that the gunman shot himself. It is true that the gunman killed himself, but this fact is often reported out of context. From an MSNBC article discussing this fact:

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"Murray, as promised on the Web, came “armed to the teeth” with an assault rifle, handguns and 1,000 rounds of ammunition. An armed church security guard, a new Christian believer, cut him down in a spray of bullets before he could carry out even more violence. An autopsy showed Murray delivered the final, fatal shot to himself."
There is a difference between incapacitating a threatening person and killing them. In basic training, soldiers are trained to shoot at an enemy's center of mass - because a shot to the COM is the best compromise for ensuring a hit and causing an injury that will prevent the enemy from continuing to fight. The general idea is, "Who cares if you kill the enemy! Stop him from trying to kill you!" Ms. Amman stopped Mathew Murray, and I'm sure she's had no trouble sleeping at night knowing that she saved lives and didn't even have to fire the shot that snuffed out that killer's life.

My belief is that Mathew Murray (the killer) had not intention of leaving the New Life Church alive - in my opinion, it is most likely that he intended to kill as many people as possible, and then force the police to kill him by refusing to comply with their commands, or shoot himself once he had run out of "targets".

Jeanne Assam disrupted whatever plan Mathew Murray had, by putting several bullets into him, which physically impeded him from shooting any more unarmed targets. I can only imagine him lying on the ground and realizing that he'd failed for the last time. The last fatal bullet that was meant to deny justice for the murdered, was instead used to bring an end to his embarrassment from being thwarted at his intended act of ultimate cowardice.

Please read/watch/listen to the news very carefully! This story has been reported in such a way as to try to take away from the fact that an armed citizen stopped a dangerous criminal!

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