Friday, December 28, 2007

What are you doing to my beloved show!?

I don't admit to watching very much TV, but I used to have two shows that I loved watching whenever I could: The Office and The Unit.

I'll assume that most of you know about The Office already, and if you don't I'll ignore your heresy and pray for your soul. The Unit, was an excellent show that detailed the lives and exploits of a team in The U.S. Army's Special Forces Detachment Delta (AKA Delta Force).

The Unit has a winning cast - including Dennis Haysbert, who plays the NCO leader of the team, and Robert Patrick (AKA The T1000 from Terminator 2) as the Colonel who commands the team.

This show used to be great - it detailed the gritty military missions of special forces operators working around the world while showing what life was like for their families back home. I put up with a lot of the over dramatic Army wife crap, because of the intriguing story lines and well written dialogue. Then the third season came out... what a load of crap.

First, the opening sequence with images of armed men clearing rooms with grenades set to a military cadence was ditched for a spy themed song and images of men in business suits.



The Unit excelled as a show about a clandestine military unit - it sucks as a show about "spies"

The third season can be typified by the episode in which the team is tasked with guarding a spoiled country music star who is performing for the troops in Iraq - the show culminates with the country music star stealing the poem book of one of the team members and turning one of his poems into a hit song. What the hell!? It sounds like an "Armyfied" version of a Punky Brewster episode.

If this is the caliber of show they'll be producing, I have an idea for a new episode. The Colonel is going out of town on vacation, and the team is tasked with watching his pet hamster Fluffy. The only problem is that Fluffy dies. So the team goes to the pet store to buy an identical hamster and kills a terrorist along the way - hilarity ensues.

Good grief. A great show has been flushed down the toilet.


The Haights said...

So is that what is going to happen on the next episode? That sounds funny! I should start watching it! ;)

georganne said...

"over dramatic army wife crap" ? Apparently you've never been to Colorado Springs.

Scar Belly said...

Uh oh, I'm in trouble now...

You better educate me on the Colorado Springs so I can pull my foot out of my mouth.

georganne said...

I'm just not sure if you think the script is over-dramatic or if the acting is over-dramatic. Because I can assure that it is true to life.... Woman X hates woman y because woman y knew that women z was having an affair with woman x's husband and didn't tell her. But woman y didn't tell her because woman x insinuated that she was a loose woman at the company picnic. Unfortunately life is out there.

Scar Belly said...

Wow - who'd a thunk it.

georganne said...

And there is much, much more. I'd love to enlighten you into the Fort Carson female psyche but due to OPSEC, I am unable to do so.

Scar Belly said...

OPSEC... are you jonesing for your very own secret squirrel patch?

georganne said...

It's more that I'm tired of getting OPSEC emails. I got it already.