Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Interesting fact about the Colorado shootings...

If you haven't heard this by now, you might be interested to know that the shooting at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs was stopped when a "volunteer security guard" pulled out her own legally concealed weapon and shot the murderer who was killing her fellow church members.

Her name is Jeanne Assam, she's a former police officer and concealed weapon permit holder.

She saved an unknown number of people from being murdered by having the presence of mind to be carry a defensive weapon and be prepared to use it effectively. She has also virtually guaranteed that any would be mass murderers will choose another target for their rampage before they try to shoot up the New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

If an individual with murderous intent entered your place of worship this Sunday, and started killing the members of your congregation - would you be prepared to stop them? Does your church's policy advocate that you be unarmed and vulnerable in your place of worship, like mine does?

I hope that if anyone ever tries to hurt you, your friends, or your family while you are attending your church's services, that there will be an individual like Jeanne Assam, prepared to protect you. But, wouldn't you rather control your own destiny than depend on the hope that someone else will save you?

Pretty much everyone who drives a car has a spare tire in the trunk- even though they will probably never need to use it. Most drivers would tell you that it's wise to be prepared to fix a flat/blown out tire, rather than to rely on someone else to have the equipment, know how, and the disposition to help you in such an emergency. Make sure you're prepared for just about anything.


Devin said...

Great post, I had no idea it was stopped by a citizen with a CCW. The news only said the shooter was stopped by a guard, which leads you to believe they had armed guards at the church. Sadly, the "news" will most likely never report the full facts.

Scar Belly said...


The "news" has an agenda - While Ms. Assam definitely has some unique experience and qualifications as a prior police officer, the bottom line is that she is a private citizen who used a legal concealed weapon to stop a crime.

Devin, your profile isn't shared... are you a random passerby or a friend?

The Browers said...

Third time's a charm?!

My wife found your blog through another friend's blog (Jeri Huish), and since you and I have similar gun views, she thought I'd appreciate your posts. This is me and my family. So I guess you could say you're a friend of a friend.

Scar Belly said...

Glad you decided to check this place out! I am pretty passionate about constitutional rights, I try to keep it on a level that doesn't bore people to death - but you'll definitely see more material on here about current events as they related to the right to keep and bear arms.

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