Saturday, December 15, 2007

News from my buddy in Iraq!!!

My good friend Kal wrote me an email today!

I've missed this kid immensely - I've seldom seen him since early 2006. He was diagnosed with cancer, and treated about 3 weeks before me. Thanks to him I had plenty of courage to endure any treatment that might come my way, because he was always 3 weeks ahead of me and he wasn't dead yet...

Kal stayed at USU and finished his degree and ROTC, even though he had medically been dis enrolled. He married a beautiful girl with an affinity for bald men (I know the type); and they are both lucky to have each other.

Kal deployed as an NCO with the Army NG this past year, and is enjoying sunny Iraq! I bet right about now he is really missing the sadistic STX lane we set up in the river running under the bridge at 3rd dam. That was in Logan canyon, in the late fall of 2005 - that water was COLD!!! For some reason, Kal insisted on testing that lane more than once...

Kal is a great human being - unlike me, he was always a man of few words, and extremely tolerant of my excess of words. He tells me that he's leading his own platoon, due to a shortage of 2LT's - life certainly has it's ironies as Kal is now doing the job of a 2nd Lieutenant, the rank that the Army denied him because he had cancer... I'd like to hear the justification for that one (other than the fact that it's saving the Army a lot of money, and that platoon is still getting one hell of a leader).

Kal is one of my heroes - I know his job isn't glamorous or exciting, but I can guarantee he's making me proud to be in the same classification as him - a Soldier. On target on time!


georganne said...

My 2 favorite Kal memories:
1) When he tried to explain to Stan that he was late because "there were these ninjas"
2) While running said lane in Logan Canyon, he explained that the "dirty underpants gang" had done something bad.

Scar Belly said...

I completely forgot about the dirty underpants gang!!! Becca wants to know who the members of said gang are.

The ninja story is a Kal classic...

I expect to see a post on these on your blog soon.

Weasa Peasa said...

Thanks for the update on Kal. I always like to know what people are up to.

My brother just got back from "somewhere" hot and sandy, and my brother in law just left for Iraq. These ARMY wives are tuff stuff.


Shep's Blog said...

I had no idea that Kal 1st: went back to his unit and 2nd was in Iraq. He is a stud, and its good to hear that he is doing well. Kal, if you read this, keep your head down, and come home safe.