Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Am I the weird one?

Saturday morning, I got a GREAT IDEA!!!

I planned a night time hike to the peak of Mt. Olympus!!!

I invited a few friends/family members and all of them took very little time in telling me that the were otherwise occupied. I was pretty bummed about the situation when my wife suggested that such and activity was "weird".

Weird? The suggestion provoked a stream of thought that left me perplexed the rest of the day... I love doing random things like hiking to the top of Mt. Olympus at night in the dead of winter. The day that I don't come up with strange impulses like that will be the day that I know that my soul is dying.

I'm tentatively planning on executing this idea this coming Saturday, the 22nd. If you have your shopping done and no parties to attend, you are welcome to join me.



Stan said...

Hey man, I'd go with you.

Scar Belly said...

Stan, when you manage to get safely back to Salt Lake, I'm planning on us doing this hike!

B-Mental said...

Weird can still be cool. So, you're still cool if you do it. I'm too big of a wuss to join you.
Beware of the Yeti!