Wednesday, January 2, 2008

No you're not hardcore...

... unless you live hardcore!

We went snow shoeing today with our friends Joe and Jeri down in American Fork canyon. You can read about this adventure on Jeri's blogs here.

We rented snow shoes on the cheap from the Outdoor Recreation Program from the U of U. It was tons of fun (except when I took over for Joe breaking the trail through the powder - talk about hard work)!

Becca hates the cold, and hates being cold (not sure what the difference is), but I took care of her and made sure she was dressed in warm (albeit not figure flattering/fashionable) Army gear.


georganne said...

I think Becca looks very cute. Much cuter than I ever do snowshoeing!!!

Becca Jo said...

Snowshoeing was so fun! It's a do-again activity...which is good because I don't much enjoy winter activities.

Yeah I look cute! Camouflage marshmallows are SO cute!

jeri said...

Nothing is figure-flattering if you're going for warm. I look like there is a small killer whale hidden inside my coat. I'm way glad you guys came with us. You ARE hardcore!

Clint said...


This is Clint.
Let's get caught up.