Thursday, January 3, 2008

Called an old friend...

My buddy Clint found this blog through another friend and left a comment for me suggested that we get in touch. Clint is one of my favorite people from ROTC, so I dialed as fast as my fat fingers could mash numbers on the key pad.

We had a very enjoyable chat about knives, guns, and surviving a Russian invasion using only our wits and cool survival gear.

Clint is living up in Idaho (staying true to his roots - I'd rather not say which city, since several law enforcement agencies and various loan sharks are no doubt looking for him), student teaching seminary!

Clint and Sara are apparently loving life, and enjoying raising their little "scrub" (term borrowed from our buddy Chris) - one big happy fam-damily.

I'm really glad that I've started this blog and that I've been able to read the blogs of other friends I've met over the years - even though many of you are living in other cities, states, or countries, it's nice to know that you're still in the fight and can remember my name!


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georganne said...

He and Stan have so much in common. And what they don't have in common, they are opposites in. Wait, or was that you and Stan? :)