Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

We spent the New Year with our family - the people we care about most. My sister Laurie and her husband Carl were kind enough to invite us to their home to welcome 2008. The funny thing about this party is that I usually keep Becca up past midnight anyways... oh well, any excuse to throw a party.

We had fun playing various games and telling stories, but perhaps the funniest occurrence of the night was Eli's attempt to blow a noisemaker horn at midnight. Somehow, he had a difficult time with the concept that the HORN was supposed to be making the noise, not him. He'd puff up his cheeks, then make some kind of a kazoo sound as he softly blew into the horn. Becca had to hold the horn for him so that he could manage to "kazoo" hard enough to make any noise at all.

I managed to get a rare picture of Laurie and Carl kissing - cute couple!

My mother, sister Leesa, and brother Jed were in attendance. Unfortunately my dad was home sick (we still called him on speaker phone to pester him multiple times during the night), and of course Todd was down in Peru - probably lighting off homemade firecrackers (I hope he comes home with all his digits).

2007 was kind of a rough year - we had hoped to add another member to our family, and we've all worked to be "beholden to none" and to get my education finished and my military career back on track. Along with the monotony and hard work we've enjoyed fun vacations, enjoyed each other's company, taken advantage of how close we are to our families and become more active in each others lives.

2008 promises the realization of many goals and a higher standard of living for the Brough family. I hope that all of you have a happy new year!

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