Monday, July 28, 2008

Was it worth it? (all videos are up)

Many of you might wonder why a person would be motivated to sell their soul to Uncle Sam. Some want to pay for college, some have ideals about serving their country... others (like me) know that they would NEVER be able to afford the opportunity to fire machine guns, grenade launcher, and GRENADE MACHINE GUNS without Uncle Sugar footing the bill.

Luckily, a buddy of mine in the platoon happened to have his camera with him. I'm extremely enthusiastic because I LOVE this stuff!

The best part is that my platoon was in charge of disposing of all the leftover ammo. That entailed firing a box of thirty-six 40 mm grenades as quickly as possible (my buddy 2LT Genin loaded while I fired), firing of 100 rounds of .50 browning machine gun rounds in two 25 round bursts, and linking together about 200 rounds of ammo for the SAW.

I'd fired most of these weapons before (except for the M2 and the Mk 19), but I love firing them so much that I forgot that it was about 100 degrees outside and that I was wearing 20 lbs of body armor over my ACU's plus a kevlar helmet. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time!

I have video of ME this time, so check it out...

Here is my "intro" to U.S. weapons

The M2 .50 cal machine gun

The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon
(I don't appear until halfway through the video)

The m240B General Purpose Machine Gun through the TC hatch of a Humvee

The M203 grenade launcher

The Mk 19 Grenade Machine Gun


Becca Jo said...

your life is complete! you have shot a machine gun grenade launcher. Looks like FUN! love ya.

Scar Belly said...

My life would be more complete if you and Eli were here :-(

You are SO much better than a grenade machine gun.

Ben said...

Ahh, you two love birds get all cute when you talk about grenades!
Well, thats pretty much the most balls-tastic army footage I've ever seen!

Scar Belly said...

Ben, the footage will only get more balls-tasticaller with time... I still have my Armor/Cavalry training. Tanks Brosef - Tanks!

There's going to 120mm main gun explosive action!

Valerie S said...

Looks like you are having "some" fun there. Just a few more weeks and your family will all be together again. We sure are enjoying Eli. He's a hoot and says the funniest things. We love having Becca and Eli at our house for the summer. I get a little teary when I think of them leaving now. I heard Eli and Brooklyn talking. She asked him if he was going to live with us forever and he said "No, pretty soon we are moving to Ken-tuck-ee". I think he has no idea what Kentucky is but he does know he's moving there. LOL

Scar Belly said...

Valerie, I am SO glad that my babies could stay at your house for the summer. I don't think they would have handled it as well on their own.

I'm glad you like having them there :-) I like having them around too!

I think Eli will like living at Fort Knox for a little while. That's funny that he's telling everyone that he's moving to Kentucky!