Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 2 of driving to BOLC II

I'm no expert, but I DID sleep at a Holiday Inn last night... (that's two posts in which I've used that joke, and it's still not funny).

Now I'm typing from the comfort of my hotel room in Monroe, Louisiana. I drove all day long... boy I'm starting to get tired of driving. Here's the highlights:

  • Started the day in Tucumcari, New Mexico, traveled through most of the northern half of Texas, and ended up in Louisiana.
  • Ate lunch at the most disgusting Dairy Queen ever at Childress, Texas - I seriously flicked 3 dead flies from my chair/table before I sat down. Oh yeah, and it looks like they're in the process of re-tiling... for the last 5 years.
  • Hit a freak thunderstorm in Texas - while I was admiring the huge raindrops (apparently some things really ARE bigger in Texas), I failed to notice the large volume of water accumulating on the freeway. This is a bad thing when you have your cruise control set at 78 MPH. I hydroplaned for about 10 "fun filled" seconds, until I was able to slow down and regain control. Ironically, I was more concerned that I not scratch/dent/wreck our new car, than I was that I not die in a violent auto accident.
  • Passed through Dallas, but failed to sight the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders or determine who shot J.R.
  • Called 911 as I left Shreveport, LA to report a brush fire in the median of the freeway (fireworks/discarded cigarette?).
  • Continued to get Kick A$$ gas mileage with the Yaris; 40-43 MPG!
I am slightly bummed - I had hoped to arrive at Fort Rucker tomorrow in time to enjoy most of the 4th of July festivities - but now it's looking like I still have 8 hours on the road ahead of me. If I leave at 9:00 AM, I'll arrive at 6 PM (allowing for entering a new time zone).

Hopefully I'll still get some pig hunting in on the 5th with the boys at Rucker and get a chance to relax/rest before I report at Fort Benning on the 6th.

Today's drive

Tomorrow's drive

PS - Becca just told me that she didn't get the Holiday Inn joke, so if anyone else doesn't know what I'm talking about... here you go

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