Monday, September 1, 2008

Fort Knox and Armor School

I started Day 0 of Armor BOLC III on Monday of last week. You probably won't be hearing very much from me during the class - I have this labor day weekend off and then I don't have another day off until the beginning of October; we'll be working 7 days a week.

I plan to take a bunch of pictures of what I'll be doing - hopefully Becca will be able to post them on her blog.

So far, I've learned that if you aren't careful, an Abrams tank will kill, maim, or dismember a careless crew member. I'm really excited to learn everything, although I'll admit that I wish we weren't on such a compressed time scale and we had a few more weekends off thrown in.

BOLC III is a LOT more fast paced than BOLC II. We did all the inprocessing that took a full week at Fort Benning in only a few hours. We've also qualified with the M9 pistol and started the fundamentals of Tank Gunnery. It's going to be an action packed 3.5 months!


Shep's Blog said...

Thats the Army Bro. One minute you are sitting on your butt for 8 1/2 hours of a 9 hour day, the next your trying to pack 14 hrs in to that same 9 hr day. Just remember that it is an army school, and EVERYBODY passes. And most of your training will come hands on. Any way, take care ad keep in touch when you can.

Scar Belly said...

Yeah - they really threw me a curve ball I guess... I came to this school extremely motivated and all I've heard since I got here is, "It's really hard!!! No REALLY - it's REALLY HARD!!!"

We've got a few guys in our class who were recycled from other classes - and supposedly there's a 7-12% recycle rate...

I'm trying to calm down about the whole thing and relax - I have to remind myself that I'm REALLY EXCITED TO BE BLOWING STUFF UP IN TANKS!!!!


Telle said...

Hey this is Shantelle Larsen (Kal Larsen's wife) I was just wanting to know how you and you family were doing. Kal told me about your blog and I was hoping you were all healthy and happy!! Congrats on graduating...I think Kal is a little sad he wasn't able to go.

Scar Belly said...
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