Monday, September 8, 2008

First picture of a tank...

It's been a long time coming - I haven't had a ton of time to take pictures... Anyways, here's the tank I've been working on the past week and a half. I am taking a page out of Eli's book and calling it "Tanky" ;-)

The two guys in the pic are members of my tank crew, 2LT Brett from Philidelphia, PA, and 2LT Deleon, from Florida by way of Hawaii.

All of our experience with this tank has been pretty much academic - we have learned how to do preventative maintenance, function checks, crew drills, etc... But we haven't ever driven in out of it's stall. Each member of our crew of 4 has started it up - it takes 11 gallons of fuel just to start up the tank's jet engine. Seriously - the sound of the tank starting up makes you feel like you're in the batmobile.

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Telle said...

Hey Stewart -
Thank you for all the suggestions on OBC. I keep trying to convince Kal that he should go but I am not sure he wants to be convinced. He has already spent time at war and I think that experience has made him want to pursue something other than the ARMY. You are so right when you say the army is more interested in their own objectives than the families of soldiers. Being in Iraq made Kal realize it isn't worth the time spent away from his family. HOWEVER, all that being said by the time he can get out of the military he will have almost 12 years do you throw all that time away? So if you do stay in doesn't it make sense to commission?? I just don't know you may have to give Kal a call :) 801-645-0497. I know you are super busy but I am sure he would love to hear from ya. Sounds like your family is doing great and I am so glad to hear it!