Monday, March 9, 2009

Camp Roberts

Cody, I am glad that my blog still has at least one fan. I need to be better about updating this blog, but to be honest I have been pretty short on time.

I am currently at Camp Roberts, having the time of my life! 18 hour days, filled with exciting powerpoint classes and lots of infantry battle drills in the mud. For those of you who are getting high readings on your sarcasm meters, you are actually incorrect. I have been enjoying my work here - I shot expert on the rifle range for the first time in my career, made a female lieutenant from another platoon eat/drink mud in the gun turret while I drove our HMMWV through giant mud puddles at 35 mph, and have eating scrambled eggs, bacon, and french toast nearly every morning for the past 10 days.

My unit is getting ramped up for deployment to the middle east - I'm not going to say where because it wouldn't matter anyways since I'm sure the location will change at least 3 more times before we get in country, and I took a class of operational security and now I'm trying not to post open source information that an enemy might use against me and my boys.

Needless to say, I'm very excited for the opportunity to serve my country and take part in an experience that few other people will get to have. They say that freedom has a savor that only those who fight for it will ever enjoy. I hope to experience that.

For those of you who wonder what we've been up to since this Christmas, here's the rundown (Becca's Blog has more/better info and pictures):
  • I graduated from Scout Leaders Course, unofficially turning me from an Armor Officer into a Cavalry Officer. During the course, I was party to one of the worst ice storms to hit Kentucky in decades (lucky me).
  • I went back to work at ADP for 5 days - yay!!! <--what does your sarcasm meter register for this comment?
  • Becca and I went with my parents to see my cousin Adam's wedding in Prescott, AZ, where I almost killed a fat hippy lady.
  • I went to Camp Roberts for some outstanding training in Army Warrior Tasks!
There's a lot more to it than that, but this will have to do for now!

Scouts Out!


Becca Jo said...

lame I just typed a comment and it didn't post. *Sigh*

I love you babe.

The Haights said...

I never heard the hippie lady story!

I just have to say, when ever you write the word Scouts, I think "Cub Scouts" (Jacob is about to turn eight and join scouts) so it makes your post just a little bit funnier when I'm reading it if I mentally add a Cub in front of Scouts when I am reading it. Just thought I'd share. :)

Shep's Blog said...

Stew, I am totally stoked for you. Any time you can get a girl to eat mud is blog worthy!! As for your up coming deployment... I am excited for you as well. Do you remember when you thought that your dream of being in the Army were being cut out through a hole in your stomach? ANd now look at you. You are even gonna beat me down range, and you took 2 years off. Your my hero, homie. Make sure that you leave some
terrorist-$#!*heads for me.

Scar Belly said...

Cody, the only thing that would make this better is if I were calling you up on the radio to come rain some fire and brimstone on the enemy.

You can be sure that there's no one else I'd rather have providing overwatch from the air than you or Josh.

Congrats on new addition to your family!