Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My orders finally came through!

I've been waiting to post this for a little while since it wasn't 100% that it was going to happen this summer... but I finally got orders for my officer training! I've been waiting for two years to get to this point, so it feels really good arrived here.

Soon I'll start BOLC II at lovely Fort Benning, Georgia, on July 6th and will spend 7 weeks in training that all U.S. Army 2nd Lieutenants must pass before getting training in their branch specific job. BOLC II is a fairly new training that the Army has come up with to help better prepare new Lieutenants for combat operations in the Middle East, regardless of whether they are in a combat oriented branch/position. The only downside to this training is that I won't see Becca and Eli for 7 weeks.

Becca will be quitting her job as an apartment manager; she and Eli will be moving in with her parents. Becca is ecstatic that she won't have to be dealing with the shenanigans that come with her job, and I am pretty happy that she won't be home alone dealing with strangers while I am in another state. Eli is going to be the happiest of all since he'll have a huge back yard to play in and he'll get to hang out with Grandpa and work in the garden.

After BOLC II, I'll be headed to BOLC III/Armor OBC at Fort Knox, Kentucky and thankfully I 'll get to bring Becca and Eli with me! The last time I was at Fort Knox was to attend LTC; where our instructors dressed like this:Drill Sergeant Flowers will be happy to know that I am a big fan of flutter kicks now.

I'll go through 12 weeks of Armor OBC, and then break for Christmas - after which I head back to Fort Knox for 2-3 weeks of Scout Leader Course training - this will give me designation as a cavalry officer instead of an armor officer.
If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. It also makes a really good excuse to miss my 10 year high school reunion (yeesh I'm old!).


B-Mental said...

Damn! This is all pretty cool though! Good for you, man!

Becca Jo said...

Oh honey I'm SO SO SO excited that it's FINALLY happening

Shep's Blog said...

Hey I hear that you are going to be making a stop here in Rucker for the 4th of July!!! I am totally stoked to see you and help prep you for the B.S. that is called BOLC II. Bring your xbox, and buy(rent) a TV from Wal-Mart and return it before you leave. Thats what I did and it saved my life.

Scar Belly said...

Cody, you are FULL of great ideas - I expect I'll learn a few more from you over the phone/by email.