Sunday, April 20, 2008

Breaking Todd into the derby

My little brother Todd (who is now taller than me), accompanied us tonight on what has become a family tradition (thanks to my brother in law Mike) - THE ROLLER DERBY!

I told Becca that before the night was out I would get a picture of Todd with his arm around a derby girl. Little did we know that it would be the QUEEN of all derby girls: Dirty Pirate Hooker! (I can only wonder what my mother will think when she reads this - you might want to call me Mom.)

As it turns out, Dirty Pirate Hooker (or Jenny as she is known when she's not on the flat track) is the aunt of a girl in Becca's primary class - who'd a thunk it?!

Eli doesn't look very happy in this pic, because he was cheering for the OTHER team. He'd rather have a picture with our other favorite derby girl, Honey DeLunatic! We got to meet Honey after the bout - she gave Becca some helpful advice on becoming a derby girl - I just wish I'd been handier with the camera so we could have gotten another pic of Todd with his arm around a derby girl! I guess we'll just have to wait until the next bout...

Eli is a fan... :-)


B-Mental said...

Dude, when are B+V gonna get in on this action?

Scar Belly said...

You guys need to come with us to a bout! They are so much fun, and V+B will motivate each other to try out and become derby girls. I'll support Becca, because I'm all about anything that gets her into a miniskirt.

Lacie Matthews said...

Woo hoo, I am someone's favorite derby girl! Well the next derby bout is May 24th. I am not playing in that game so I will have more than enough time for more skating advise and pictures.

Until then,

Honey Delunatic #3
Bomber Babes
Salt City Derby Girls

Scar Belly said...


I know I have "arrived" when I have roller derby celebrities commenting on my blog posts!!!

Honey, we are totally talking to you at the next bout!

Good hunting :-)