Monday, March 31, 2008

Guns for Grandma - Death of a Tape Deck

While we were hunting bunnies on the Burr Trail, we took a moment to destroy the old tape deck from the pathfinder. We hadn't had very much luck killing bunnies at this point, so it was nice to have a stationary target for a change.

This old tape deck was a gigantic pain in the butt - the LCD no longer worked so you had to guess what radio station you were on, or wait for the DJ to identify the station. My brother in law Mike helped me switch it out with a new stereo - long story short it wasn't easy and/or pretty.

I'm afraid that someone or something had to suffer for the hours of frustration we endured - this tape deck had it coming:

The little voice you heard saying, "I wanna shoot one too!" is that of Eli, my pride and joy! I could hardly deny my own son the opportunity to reek revenge. Sorry Valerie, you aren't going to like this one:

Thanks to Mike for taking the video!

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Sterling Ungerman Family said...

I'll bet in tape deck hell, the tape decks are mounted in 1983 subaru station wagons and forced to play John Denver "Rocky Mountain High" over and over, while the occupants of the car sing along in woefully off key, monotone voices.