Friday, February 15, 2008

Why is everything breaking?!

As many of you know, the pathfinder has been unable to drive in reverse for quite some time now. I am VERY relieved to state that as of today that problematic issue has been resolved - saving me great inconvenience and embarrassment.

However, I've realized that now the pathfinder is the ONLY thing that seems to be fixed now. Here's a short list of broken things:
  • The switch for the ceiling fan/lamp in our bedroom - Eli broke it.
  • Our natural gas powered car we purchased off Ebay - I don't even want to go there...
  • My favorite shoes are full of holes - I guess it's time to go buy some new ones.
  • Our vacuum cleaner has bit the dust (pun intended)
  • My computer - the hinges that hold the lid/screen up are both broken
The last item on the list is the latest in the series. One of the two hinges broke almost 8 months ago and I've intended to get it fixed, but never found a place that does that kind of repair. Then, tonight when I opened the lid, it flopped back shut as soon as I let go of it.

I'm using my broken laptop right now to type this post. Yes, that's pencil I duct taped to the computer to keep the lid from flopping shut or flopping all the way back. Such is the current state of my affairs.

Why is it that multiple things always seem to break within a short time span?

Anyways, things are going swell - and as soon as I "get a real job" (the words of my good friend Mr. Tyrell Denton), I'll be swimming in cool unbroken schwag - right?


B-Mental said...

I'm sorry, dude, but the duct-tape job is still pretty balls!

georganne said...

yeah...that sucks.

jeri said...

I love the repair job on the computer. What else do you need? Personally I don't trust shops that claim to "repair" things. Example: We took our car to a place to have the stereo fixed and they opted to run into our car with ANOTHER customer's car.

Sterling Ungerman Family said...

Wait! broken CNG car? just how broken and how much have you thought about getting rid of it?